Northern California Alumni Chapter Book Review Event

Northern California Alumni Chapter Book Review Event

From left to right: Samira Baroody, chapter committee; Ed Shiner; Hana Rustom Archbold, chapter president; Rabih Ballout, author; Dr. Tali Bashour, author; and Madeleine Biskantaoui, chapter committee.

On January 31, the LAU Northern California Alumni Chapter, with the San Francisco Chapter of World Lebanese Cultural Union and the Lebanese American Association, held a lecture and book review, featuring: Rabih Ballout, author of “Homo Electrus,” and Dr. Tali Bashour author of “The Broken Heart: Protect your Heart from Daily Stress and Emotional Upheavals.” The lectures and reception were held at San Francisco Towers with approximately 50 people in attendance.

LAU Chat: Mazen and Gisele Nazzal

LAU Chat: Mazen and Gisele Nazzal

LAU Chat: Mazen and Gisele Nazzal

Where do you live and what do you do?

We live in Los Angeles, California and work in real estate development.

How did you get involved with LAU?

We met Dr. Joseph Jabbra and his wife over 20 years ago in Los Angeles and have been friends ever since. Our involvement with LAU began in 2004 when Dr. Jabbra became president of LAU. Having always valued higher education, and being fortunate enough to watch each of our three sons graduate from university, we are passionate about providing opportunities to students seeking higher education.

Why did you begin the Mazen and Gisele Nazzal Endowment?

We thought creating an endowment would be something special we could do for the students. We did not put any specificity to the scholarship as we feel every student deserves a chance for a higher education.

Our endowment provides a full scholarship for one student every year. Distribution from the endowment started in the 2010-2011 academic year, and so far five LAU students have received financial assistance from our endowment.

We are proud of the university and the guidance Dr. Joseph Jabbra has bestowed on the students. We are happy to be a part of the LAU community.

Lifelong Giving

Lifelong Giving

One of the most overlooked ways in which individuals can make charitable donations is through a bequest in one’s will.

Regardless of your age, you should have a will that specifies how your estate will be distributed in the event of your death. Wills can be amended to reflect your changing circumstances, and the fee you pay to an attorney to make (or revise) a will is an important investment in ensuring that your estate is distributed according to your wishes.

In addition to passing assets to your surviving spouse, children or other individuals whom you care about, your will can specify that a certain portion of your estate be given to charitable organizations – perhaps organizations that you also supported during your lifetime. Depending on your financial circumstances, by donating a portion of your estate to a charitable organization you can reduce the amount of taxes levied against your estate.

Our experience here at LAU is that many people also find that they can make a larger charitable gift through their will than they could have comfortably made during their lifetimes. These gifts can leave a lasting legacy for the donor through such things as scholarships, classrooms or entire buildings in their name.

Tax laws regarding wills are constantly changing, and you should consult your attorney and/or financial advisor about the best way to structure your will to ensure that your goals are met. If you are considering a bequest to LAU, please feel free to contact us in the New York office.  We’ll be happy to discuss your plans with you and ensure that your charitable intentions are understood and followed.

This article is not intended, nor should it be used, as legal or professional advice. Before making any gift described in this article, you should consult with a professional financial advisor.

To learn more about donating to LAU, please contact (212) 203-4333 or